Vulgarity and Authenticity:
Dimensions of Otherness in the World of Jean-Paul Sartre
(University of Massachusetts Press, 1991)

Stuart Z. Charmé 
Department of Philosophy and Religion 
Rutgers University


Part 1: The Struggle between the Civil and the Vulgar

  1. Vulgarity and the Rise of Otherness                                                                                           17
  2. Civility and Its Defenses: Shame, Bad Faith and Religion                                                        42
  3. The Ambivalence of Being Civilized                                                                                            77

    Part 2: Embodiments of Otherness and the Rejection of Civility

  4. Strangers on the Train: Jewish Marginality and the Rejection of Civility                                105
  5. Women Real and Imagined: The Female Other                                                                         145
  6. Passivity and Subversion: The Homosexual Other                                                                    171
  7. The Dark Core of White Civilization: The Black Other                                                             191
  8. The Triumph of the Vulgar: Prophetic Religion and the New Community of Brotherhood      215

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